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Basset hound, Bassetude, Basset Hound Gift, Basset hound breeders, basset hound rescue, basset hound puppies

Buying a Puppy?

Do you want to add a puppy to your family but aren’t sure where to begin?  Are you concerned about finding a breeder who is honest and responsible?  Start by asking the right questions!

Please read all the way through!!!!

Basset hound, Bassetude, Basset Hound Gift, Basset hound breeders, basset hound rescue, basset hound puppies

How long have you been breeding Basset Hounds and why?

Ideally, you want a breeder with several years’ experience and who knows the breed well. A reputable breeder will have clear goals that they are trying to meet in physical characteristic, temperament and health with their litters.

What kind of health testing has been performed on the parents?

A reputable BH breeder will offer guarantees against genetic conditions such as Thrombopathia, Glaucoma, Von Willebrand’s disease and Heart disease. Find out what conditions the breeder has tested for and if they have any genetic issues they have dealt with in the past.

Is the puppy registered with a Kennel Club?

If you are looking for a pedigreed dog, or wish to show, the breeder should have registered the puppy with a kennel club and provide you with the documentation. It is illegal for the breeder to charge you more for registration papers if the dog is being sold as pedigreed.

At what age will the puppy be ready to join my home?

No breeder should sell a puppy before 8 weeks, and it is illegal in many states. There are crucial boundaries and social skills that puppies learn from their littermates between 5 and 8 weeks. Failure to learn these skills often lead to behavioral issues later with other dogs and people.  Run from a breeder who disregards this.

Will they have seen a vet before they leave?

Puppies need to be examined, dewormed and vaccinated before they leave for their new homes. Ideally they should be seen before six weeks and again at 8 weeks before being released to you. Ensure the breeder provides you with written vaccination and worming information from their vet.

What kind of guarantee do you offer?

Good breeders offer a well-considered heath guarantee on their pups. Be sure to look at the guarantee carefully. Many breeders will offer to exchange the puppy up to 2 years, but would you give back a family member? Probably not, which is why breeders offer this guarantee.

Does the breeder have a contract or place any caveats?

A good breeder will have a contract that will state the responsibilities of both parties. This may often include that you will take the pup to your vet within a reasonable period of time, that you will attend puppy classes, or that you will agree to not breed your dog. These would all be normal requests from a responsible breeder.

Can we ship a puppy?

There are legitimate times to ship a puppy.  When you are looking for a particular line or characteristic, or perhaps you live in a remote area.  But beware a breeder who offers up front to ship a puppy, particular in hot or cold seasons when it may not even be legal to ship a live animal.  Unless you are experienced, leave shipping puppies to the experts and stick to local breeders.  

IMPORTANT NOTE:  Most scammers offer to ship puppies, often same day!  Shipping puppies takes time as paperwork need to be prepared, and if it is inexpensive, its a fake!  Ask what airline they are using and call it yourself!

Fraud and Scams!!

Unfortunately there are unscrupulous people in the world, and you may encounter one when searching for a puppy.  Be aware of some things to watch for:

* The price is too good to be true

* No parents on site

* A large up front deposit is required.  Never pay more than a small deposit to hold a puppy unless you have met the puppy in person or had a video chat.  If you are being pressured to wire a large deposit or full payment - Beware!

* Wants to meet at a park or public place

* Selling unvaccinated or without medical records

* Willing to let them go before 8 weeks

* They don't ask any questions about you


The above don't mean you are dealing with an unscrupulous breeder but they are definite warning signs.  Above all, if your gut tells you something is off...walk away.

Basset hound, Bassetude, Basset Hound Gift, Basset hound breeders, basset hound rescue, basset hound puppies

It is important to note that puppy scams are at an all time high, particularly on Facebook.  The isolation of the pandemic created fertile ground for those looking to exploit people.  The Better Business Bureau estimates that fraudsters scam consumers out of almost 3 million dollars annually through fake puppy websites,  facebook groups and pages.

Some obvious signs of a scammer: 

  • Not accepting common payment methods such as paypal or bank wires

  • Refusing to allow you see the puppy either in person or via a video call.

  • Deeply discounted rates, especially if it includes shipping.

  • Asking for money above purchase price for things like vaccines, climate control crates or shipping documents.

  • Advertising various puppies that appear to be different ages and/or are in different settings/backgrounds.  This is often a sign the pictures are stolen from social media. 

  • Lengthy recommendations on a website that appear to be written in the same manner or by the same person

The biggest new source for Scams and Fraud is Facebook.  You can find hundreds of fake pages and groups run by criminal organizations in a simple search.  The sites take thousands of dollars weekly from unsuspecting families looking for a new puppy.  There are some simple signs you can look for:

  • Generic names - A legitimate breeder will have a kennel name.  Groups like 'basset hound puppies' or 'basset hound puppies for adoptions' are scams

  • When people post in these groups looking for a puppy, you will often see a generic comment asking the poster to connect via an email address.  This is because commenting on the post or via messenger can be reported and traced by Facebook.  Aternatively they will ask that you send them a message as sending too many gets them flagged by Facebook   Another sign is they will not specify where they are publicly because they want to see where you are first! Here are actual examples of  fake profiles commenting:

  • There will also be multiple fake posts from people claiming to have received a puppy from these 'wonderful' breeders.  The posts will often have bad english, be new profiles who recently joined the group (fake profiles get deleted often and new ones need to be created) and the profile name often will be American while the url is Nigerian





Here are examples of verified Scam groups:

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