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Beware of puppy scams and fraud when searching for your Basset Hound puppy close to home

Unfortunately there are unscrupulous people in the world, and you may encounter one when searching for a puppy. When searching locally and in person, be aware of some things to watch for:

* The price is too good to be true

* No parents on site

* Puppies seem younger than advertised, dirty or have runny eyes or nose

* A large up front deposit is required. Never pay a deposit to hold a puppy unless you have met the puppy in person or had a video chat. If you are being pressured to wire a large deposit or full payment - Beware!

* Wants to meet at a park or public place

* Selling unvaccinated or without medical records

* Willing to let them go before 8 weeks

* They don't ask any questions about you

*Use google maps to verify that the address exists

The above don't mean you are dealing with an unscrupulous breeder but they are definite warning signs. Above all, if your gut tells you something is off...walk away.

Adding a furry family member should be a wonderful experience. Don't let your family become a statistic!

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