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Basset Hound Pillows

Keeping Your Best Friend Close: Basset Hound Pillows

Now I lay me down to sleep... and beneath your head is the image of your very best friend as you close your eyes and rest your weary noggin on one of your new basset hound pillows. Yes, that's right, and we also have other basset hound accessories and apparel items. Welcome to Nothing Better Than a Basset, and you haven't seen basset done like this until you see basset done like this!

Imagine putting your love of your best friend into a cool image that also projects style and sass? Hard to imagine, right? Now, stop imagining and take a look at what that becomes in our entire line of basset hound apparel, and yes, even basset hound pillows too. You knew you loved basset hounds, you just never knew basset hound accessories and apparel could look so cool, until now.

Thank you for stopping by Nothing Better Than a Basset, and for sharing your love of basset hounds with us. We hope you find something that allows you to express that love and that also lets you do it in a way that looks good too. If a dog is a man's best friend, then basset hounds are the very best of those friends. Contact us if you have any questions or need help finding something and one of our basset hound loving associates will be happy to help. We know you love basset hounds just as much as we do, and now you can show off that love in stylish and cool ways with all the basset hound accessories, apparel, and items your basset-loving heart can desire.

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