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Basset Hound Apparel

It's A Basset Kind of Love: Basset Hound Apparel

There are dog lovers, and then, there are dog lovers! Look, it's okay to have your favorites. Ask any horse lover or (ugh - if you can imagine it) any cat owner, and they have their favorites too. You can usually spot us as well, sporting our favorite basset hound shirt. It is, after all, a basset kind of love.

If you know and love a basset, then you know what it means to know and love a basset hound. We can't pretend to understand the love a horse owner has for their trusted steeds, or dare we even speak of that feline fascination, but we do know that for us, to know a basset hound is to love a basset hound. So yes, at Nothing Better Than a Basset, we have that basset hound apparel, from shirts and hoodies to pillowcases and more. Our first priority is to care for and love basset hounds followed closely by supporting our favorite canines.

If you would like more information about owning a basset hound or even where to get your favorite basset hound apparel, from a great basset hound shirt to hats and more; then we would love to talk to you. It doesn't matter if you have never owned a basset (and be warned it only takes one), or if you have owned, raised, or loved them your entire life, we want to share the joy of basset hounds with you. It is a basset kind of love.

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